1. What is psychotherapy?

2. What is depression?

3. Why am I depressed?

4. What type of people do you help?

5. How should I find a therapist?

6. How can I get the most out of therapy?

7. What is cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy?

8. What is couples therapy?

9. What is family therapy?

10. My teenager seems depressed. Should I be worried?

11. What type of therapy is used to treat depression?

12. Do I need medication?

13. I’ve noticed that I have started to have panic attacks. What is going on?

14. What type of therapy and services do you offer?

15. What changes or results should I expect to see or receive?

16. How long do sessions last?

17. How long does psychotherapy take?

18. Is psychotherapy confidential?

19. How much does therapy cost? Will my insurance cover the services?

20. Unsure if therapy is right for you?

21. What if I can’t make my appointment?

22. What else should I know?

23. How much does therapy cost?