How We Work

Help and Resources for Adults and Teenage Depression

Our experienced and professional staff is committed to helping each client achieve their full potential through psychological/mental health services that include psychotherapy, medication management, cognitive training, coaching, and care coordination.

“Working with Natasha has been good. I’ve been more productive and motivated.”
– 23 year old male

“I’ve had other therapists before, and Natasha gets me. She understands all the emotional stuff.”
– 39 year old female client

“My daughter still has her bad days, but I’ve seen a huge improvement since she’s started going to therapy.”
– Mom of a 13 year-old female client

Miami Psychology Group was founded on a vision of integrated service delivery of psychological, mental health, and behavioral healthcare services for individuals in need of professional assistance. Our vision is to provide comprehensive care.

Individual Assessment, Psychotherapy, & Counseling
One way Natasha helps people with depression is through Biweekly or weekly therapy with a professional who specializes in the areas of depression, anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse, grief, trauma, and/or adjustment disorders. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based treatment modality for anxiety, depression, and behavioral challenges. By addressing how one’s thoughts (cognitive) impact their behavior, significant changes can occur resulting in less anxiety, improved mood, and productive behavior. CBT is effective with adolescents and adults. CBT is a goal-based, directive therapeutic approach that offers specific skills, strategies and interventions to use at home, school and in the community. Often clients are assigned therapeutic homework”or “journaling” to practice between sessions.

Family Assessment, Psychotherapy, & Counseling
Family therapy and counseling is most often offered to clients who have a partner or relative who is struggling with mental illness or behavioral issues. Family therapy focuses on the “family system” and how family members interact with each other. Family therapy is especially important for adolescents and couples.

Coaching is different from psychotherapy in two important ways:

  1. Coaching assumes that the client is healthy and able to collaborate with the coach to develop better coping skills, attitudes, and insight. The focus is on the “here-and-now,” not past issues or the source of current difficulties.
  2. Coaching is very focused and allows clients to identify one or two specific goals and develop Action Plans and Action Steps to make immediate progress toward improving functioning.

We provide coaching via in person meetings or telephone.

Individual coaching sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes at a time and focus on concrete strategizing on how to feel better, and develop better control over your feelings. Coaching is led by coach, but requires that clients are motivated.

Coaching programs can be customized to your specific needs.

Let us help you take your life to the next level!