Meet Us

Mission Statement
The mission of Miami Psychology Group is to provide South Floridians with responsive psychological and human service interventions that promote holistic mental health and social well-being.

Natasha Nalls, LCSW, CAP, ACSWClinical Director
Natasha is a licensed psychotherapist, Certified Addictions Professional, and coach to adults and teenagers/adolescents suffering from depression and related problems such as anxiety, stress, low self esteem, poor self-esteem, confidence, panic attacks, and relationship conflict/problems. She founded Miami Psychology Group as a means to share accurate, specific, useful information about depression and to provide community members a forum to learn skills and tools to support each other in happier, more fulfilled living.

Natasha has an Ivy League education as well as extensive experience counseling and coaching adolescents, adults, and families on issues related to depression. Natasha works with teenagers and adults of all ages who suffer from depression. Her approach or style could best be described as evidence-based, strengths-based, solutions focused, reality-based.

“Evidence-Based”- I use and develop strategies that have been supported by research.

“Strengths-Based”- In therapy, we build upon your natural strengths to help you reach greater goals. Every clients walks into our office with strengths.

“Solutions-Focused”- During our time together, we’ll focus on finding concrete solutions and strategies to your problems. You will have homework and journaling to do in between sessions.

“Reality-Based”- Sometimes clients have to develop insight or understanding about what is “really” going on with them. We work together to use honest frameworks to help you move forward.

Natasha works closely with a psychiatric team to ensure that clients are psychiatrically assessed for medication management. She sees each individual as unique, with strengths, and weaknesses. Her coaching style is focused on practical interventions. Using psychotherapy and coaching, Natasha provides individuals information, tools, skills, and support they need to bring peace, calm, happiness, and joy to individuals who feel stuck. Natasha is bilingual English/Spanish.